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JBL Reproduction Recone Kit for D140F/K140/E140-8 for sale on eBay


Reproduction Recone kits for JBL Loudspeakers

Reproduction recone kits by Upland Loudspeaker Service are meticulously assembled using OEM techniques and treatments that adhere to the exacting specifications of the JBL Engineering standards. No one takes more care to make sure these recone kits follow the "blueprint"

JBL reproduction Recone kit for D120F/K120/E120-8 for sale on eBay


Please call 1-909-946-5944 for any questions or email edgewound@aol.com

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1042 N Mountain Ave, Suite B368

Upland, CA 91786

"Ken (edgewound) will do the best job, period. He's the most knowledgeable JBL repair guy I've come across."

...Harvey Gerst, ITR Studios, & Developer of JBL "D-Series" musical instrument loudspeakers

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JBL Reproduction Recone kit for LE14H-1 for sale on eBay


JBL Reproduction Recone Kit for D130F/K130/E130-8 for sale on eBay




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JBL Reproduction Recone Kit for 2245H for sale on eBay